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Process Server

Chances are unless you work in the legal industry, you may not know what a Simi ValleyProcessServer does. If you have been served by this process before, you already know all about Simi Valleyprocessserving. Many people think they know what a process server is, but there is still some confusion and misunderstandings about the process. It is our goal to lift the veil off of some of these misconceptions and introduce you to the world of process serving. Let us explore the reasons why we need this process in our day-to-day lives.

A Little History

As with any profession, if you want to fully understand their concept and understand the benefits they provide; you must first know a little about their history. Many people may not remember from government class in high school that “due process” is a right granted to us in the Constitution. Found in the 5 and 6 amendments, the law states that every United States citizen has the right to due process. This simply means that if you are being summoned to court, you have a right to be informed.

There was a time when local and county sheriffs had the duty of letting people know they were being served. It was a monumental task that became nearly impossible to achieve as cities grew and populations expanded. Process serving took these police officers away from their primary responsibility, which was to serve and protect the citizens of their area. It became obvious that a solution had to be found. Soon the process server profession was born. If you live in the Simi Valleyprocessserving jurisdiction, one of these process servers will be delivering papers to you when the need arises.

The Duties of a Simi Valley Process Server

The primary function of a Simi Valleyprocessserver is to “serve” defendants or people associate with the case with legal documents as ordered by the court. However, they are actually responsible for filing court papers and retrieving legal documents too. There are many reasons to be served papers. A divorceprocessserver would serve papers to the people involved to let them know when to be in court. Once those papers were served the process server would need to show evidence that the papers were legally served as required by law. This proof is provided in the form of an affidavit of service. The Simi Valleyprocessserving representative must serve the papers properly as directed by the State of California. 

Why Do We Need Process Servers?

The main reason we need a Simi Valleyprocessserver is to ensure that every citizen receives due process as required by law. It is also important that court papers are delivered appropriately and accurately. If the Thousand Oaks process serving representative fails to serve the papers properly, the court will not be able to legally rule on the case in question. If a person is not properly served, the case can be dismissed from the court. Process servers must take their jobs seriously. It is a challenging career that should not be taken lightly.

The main challenge for the Simi Valleyprocessserver can often be finding the person that needs to be served. In the case of divorce, a person may try to avoid the divorceprocessserver in order to delay the court process. Although it is our constitutional right, many people do not want to be served. An efficient process server will know the various methods that will enable them to deliver due process. The Simi Valleyprocessingserving representative you choose needs to be reliable, effective, and dedicated to their profession.

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