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Hire A Pro: Santa Barbara County Process Server

Santa Barbara County Process Server is a professional team offering legal services to firms and individuals.

Our goal is to provide efficient service and getting your process served smoothly without setbacks or delays by meeting your required deadlines. We keep minute track of all the proceedings of your legal documents and keep you informed and updated.

The team of Santa Barbara County Process Server is individually screened, tested and verified before becoming a member. The members are licensed and have good work reputation.

What is Process Serving?

For those who are new to legal terms, Process Serving is a legal process where a party is notified when any legal action is to be taken against them in the court. The notice is served by producing the documents before them, which is legally termed as, Process in the court of law.

Process serving allows the party against whom the action is to be taken to respond to the proceeding in the court of law.

Service of Process:

Every state has their own set of rules and regulations whereby service of process is conducted accordingly. In most cases, the documents of the court are to be delivered to the defendant individually or considering the defendant’s age, at his home or office or establishment.

In case of small court claims or cases, the defendant can be notified through email or faxed. Again, in some rare cases, the server can also publicize the notice in public newspapers if the defendant is not reachable or does not reside in the same jurisdiction as the server.

In case of the defendant failing to respond to the court’s proceedings, he will be held guilty by the law of court and accordingly a relief is awarded to the server or claimant.

Why do I need a process server?

In order to proceed with a court case, the basic step is to hire a process server. Process server’s fees are not very highly priced and he is skilled in legal procedures, especially in processing your documents.

Hiring a process server will save your valuable time and allow you to proceed the case in accordance with the law of your state.

The law has many procedures when it comes to processing a document. Certain state laws forbid you to serve the process on Sundays, some restrict you to issue notice to a person traveling to court and alike.

If you go against any of these procedures, it will hinder your court progress and often result in dismissal of your case.

Process server provides you with a proof of service in the form of an affidavit after your documents are served.

It is wise to spend on a minimal fee and have an efficient process server handle your documents for positive results.

Services offered by Santa Barbara Process Server:

Santa Barbara Process Server offers personalized and professional service of process. We work to get your legal documents served before the defendant without any hassles or delays by meeting your required deadline.

We offer to do your job of court filing by promptly delivering the legal document you need to submit to the clerk in a court for court’s consideration or for storage.

We at Santa Barbara Process Server offer to do your court research and deliver accurate information you need to proceed with your court cases.

Our team members are also experts in skip tracing and accurately locate the whereabouts of your defendant and his jurisdiction in less time period.

We also deal with writs and levies and promptly deliver court orders to the sheriff or marshal depending upon your requirements.

Members of Santa Barbara County Process Server efficiently conduct stakeouts by producing accurate information before you after making detailed survey of your desired location or person as per your requirements.

We offer impartial Notary Public services by minutely screening the signers of documents to provide you with facts about his identity. We ensure that the person is willing to sign and is aware of all the documentation and transaction processes.

Santa Barbara County Process Server team also takes up special assignments related to court of law upon your request.

Why choose Process Server in Santa Barbara County?

Our team members are skilled professionals in legal matters.

Process Server in Santa Barbara County delivers your documents without setbacks or delays and adheres to set deadlines.

We don’t keep our clients in the dark. Every detail of the proceedings is kept track of and dutifully informed and updated as per request.

Our members are individually screen tested and verified to meet high qualification standards before recruitment.

Process server in Santa Barbara County is licensed as required by the law of the state.

We offer proof of service after completion of your work by signing an affidavit.

We charge minimal fees to offer guaranteed excellent service.

We offer guaranteed service and aim to produce excellent results. Our first attempt is within twenty four hours.

Our service is highly recommended and has good feed backs from past experienced clients.

Areas Covered By Santa Barbara County Process Server:

Santa Barbara County Process Server specifically covers six areas- Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Goleta, Montecito, Hope Ranch, and Summerland. It also takes up orders from other areas upon special request.

Payment Information:

You have multiple payment options with Santa Barbara county process serving. Currently we support Paypal, Check, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.


Santa Barbara County Process Servers are licensed and registered properly with each home county.

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