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Oxnard Process Servers

We at Oxnard Process Servers operate as a full time Process Serving Company that can efficiently handle all your process service requirements. We consider our customers to be the most valuable assets of our company. They expect dedication and professionalism from us, which is why they keep coming back to Oxnard Process Servers for their process serving needs; because we always deliver. Our team of process servers in Oxnard can carry out process serving in any county in California. If you are looking for a Process Server in Fillmore, Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara or any county in California, give us try. We are only a call, text or e-mail away.

Nationwide Process Serving.

Not only do we cover all of California, we also handle all out-of-state process serving. Our staff and agents at Oxnard Legal Processing Servers are aware of the diverse process serving procedures between different states. As such, we always stay informed to make sure our process server gets the assignment done properly. Our well managed agents afford you immediate availability for consultation and assure correct handling, servicing and delivery of your request.

 What type of Process Service do we deliver?

Our team of Oxnard Process Servers can serve everything from Summons and Complaints to Summons and Petitions (Divorce Papers), Small Claims, and Order to go to Small Claims Court (SC100), Defendants Claim and Order to Go to Small Claims Court (SC120), Subpoena for Records, Subpoena for Personal Appearance, Order to Show Cause (OSC), Temporary Restraining Orders (DV-110), Notice of Hearings, Bank Levies, Writs of Execution, Writs of Attachment, Unlawful Detainers, Garnishments, Wage, Eviction Notices, 3-30 day notice to pay or quit, Order for Examination (ORAP), Out of State Papers and a lot more. Oxnard Legal Process Servers will be more than able and happy to help you out.

 At Oxnard Legal Process Servers, we understand that correct Service of Process is an important factor in any legal case. All legal documents need to be served by someone who knows what the rules are and has experience when it comes to following all local, national and international rules of Service of Process. Our team of experienced and highly skilled process servers in Oxnard will do just that for you. We do everything necessary to guarantee service delivery to our clients and ensure hitch free legal proceedings.

We at Oxnard Small Claims Process Servers are aware that the cost of filling and serving small claims is always lesser than hiring a big shot attorney. We will help you save your contingency fees because we always follow due process when it comes to process serving. We can furnish you with a guide that gives insight on how to successfully present a case in court before an Adjudicator. Oxnard Small Claims Process Servers can also help in the collection of judgment after you win, should the defendant willingly refuse to pay within 30 days after judgment has been delivered.

At Oxnard Small Claims Process Servers, we take pride in beating deadlines. Our goal is to ensure that all Service of Process are served in a reasonably and timely manner. As such, we make sure that the defendants are served within the stipulated time frame. All process services are delivered not later than 2 weeks for defendants that reside both within and outside the county. We also make sure that the Proof of Service is submitted to the appropriate court clerk 5 days before the trial date.

With Oxnard Small Claim Process servers, you can save time, expensive attorney fees and other hidden charges. We are committed to providing credible, efficient and cost effective services valued customer. Our superb service is unbeatable.

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