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Camarillo Process Servers

We at Camarillo process servers are amongst the leading registered and authorized process service companies in, California. We have been in the business of providing the society with first-rate legal support and services. Our clients expect complete devotion and refined proficiency from us at Camarillo legal process servers, which is why we always guarantee excellent service delivery at all times.

Our clients come from as far as Malibu, Santa Monica, Simi Valley and other cities near Camarillo, California. A testament to the outstanding service we render to our customers. So if you desire a competent legal process a server in Camarillo to do handle request, then you in to the precise place. We have the answers to any process serving difficulties our customers may have and qualified team of legal process servers in Camarillo are always on hand to take up any process serving task required of them, however difficult or huge it may look.

Although it is known fact that different states in the United States of America have varying procedures when it comes to delivery of Service of Process to defendants. Our qualified staff at Camarillo Process servers can effectively carry out process serving in other states without any complications. We are constantly updating our information on out-of-state process serving procedures and guidelines in order to avoid any legal nuisance that may arise as a result of this difference. Our legal process servers in Camarillo are always on hand to keep you abreast of every situation once your request has been processed.

What kind of Service of Process do we deliver?

At Camarillo legal process servers, we train our on how staff to handle different types of documents of legal nature.

  • All Subpoenas
  • Civil Summons ( Complaints to Summon and Petitions)
  • Liens
  • Unlawful Detainers
  • Pay and Quit Notices
  • Writs (Writs of Execution, Writs of Attachment )
  • Protection and Restraining Orders
  • 3 Day notice
  • Messenger and Document Retrieval
  • Court Filing
  • Small Claims Action , Order to go to Small Claims Court (SC100), Defendants Claim and Order to Go to Small Claims Court (SC120)

· Divorce papers, and much more.

The first thing you should know when searching for a legal process server in Camarillo, is that selecting the correct server to deliver your Service of Process can positively impact your court case, if done correctly. Defendants in legal disputes have been known to look for flaws in the delivery of the process service that they can against the plaintiff. As part of our efforts to make sure this does not occur, Camarillo Process Servers always ensure that agents handling the Service of process are guided by the laid down rules while also working within the given time. We ensure that defendants living within and outside the county receive their notice of service not less than 14 days from the date of processing, while Proof of Service is returned to the court clerk 5 days prior the set trial date.

Camarillo Process serving will assist you saving time and costly litigation charges usually associated with hiring an expensive lawyer, because we are committed to delivering providing dependable, proficient and affordable process serving to our clients. 

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